CampinGaz Regulator

Brands: Yellowstone Yellowstone
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CampinGaz 28 MBar 1300 G/H RegulatorRRP: £7.99

Allows all CampinGaz stoves or any gas appliance that can be run off CampinGaz to be operated off standard CampinGaz refillable cylinders.

CampinGaz 28 MBar 1300 G/H RegulatorRRP: £7.99

Enables low pressure gas appliances, such as the Camping Chef, all gas barbecues and other makes of camping stoves and lanterns, to operate off Campingaz refillable cylinders. Excess flow cut off device. Simply screws onto the cylinder (901, 904 or 907).


  • Compatible with 901, 904 or 907 refillable CampinGaz cylinders
  • CampinGaz Blue
  • For use with all gas camping stoves and gas barbecues
  • Requires rubber hose tubing to connect to appliance