Coleman Da Gama 4 Footprint

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Coleman Da Gama 4 Tent FootprintRRP: £42.99

Every quality tent needs one of these! The Da Gama 4 footprint is a waterproof layer that fits between the tent and the ground, helping to keep the base of your tent free from ground dirt and in better condition overall.

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Coleman Da Gama 4 Tent Footprint GroundsheetRRP: £42.99

For anyone wanting to look after their tent, the Da Gama 4 footprint is an absolute must. Made specifically to match all the pegging points and exact sizing of the Da Gama 4, the footprint fits between the ground and the base of the tent.

Even when pitching the tent on dry ground, the bottom of the tent can pick up dirt from the ground. Consequently, when folding or rolling away the tent, this dirt can be transferred to the walls and even the inner tent - not good for the presentation or the cleanliness of the tent!

The footprint stops all that. Even in wet muddy conditions, the footprint picks up all the dirt and not the tent. When you get home simply hose the footprint off and it's as good as new for the next time. Fantastic!


  • Offers protection from the ground
  • Waterproof for extra protection
  • Extends the service life of your tent
  • Fits tent's internal living area
  • Colour matched to Da Gama tent range

Other Information

  • Material: Polyethylene waterproof
  • Dimensions: 505 x 280