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Summit Night Force 3000 3.0 W CREE Head Torch

Manufacturers No 098/082
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Product Overview

Summit Night Force 3000 3.0 W CREE Head Torch RRP: £29.99

The Summit Night Force 3000 3.0 W CREE Head Torch is one of the most powerful head lamps you can buy. Featuring the latest CREE technology, the LED in this lamp is 100 times brighter than standard LEDs giving a massive 120 lumens of light power! Other clever features include a battery pack on the rear of the unit that balances the installation and a push pull lens to focus the light. Complete with a full tilting head unit for illumination wherever it's needed. A high quality lamp which, if it had another name on it, it would be £50 plus! Bulk guy gives stunning price.


  • Massively Bright 3.0 W CREE LED
  • Constant light or flashing light
  • Adjustable headstrap
  • Adjustable lamp angle to 9- degrees
  • Water resistant
  • Battery pack to rear of strap to give perfect balance

Other Information

  • Colours: Black
  • Bulb Type: CREE
  • Battery: 3 X 'AAA' Cell Included
  • Brightness: 120 lumens
  • Beam Range: 80m
  • Battery life (full power): 2.5 hours

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